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Mid-Michigan Computer Consultants, Inc.
509 Center
Bay City, Michigan
Sales (989) 892-9242     Support (989) 686-8860     rev 5/20/2021

Corporage Headquarters MMCC is a full service computer consulting and software development firm. Founded in 1979, the firm has provided services to clients in all areas of computer, data processing and information technology.

For many years, MMCC partnered with OJ Advertising, Inc. to provide software and computer services to the Real Estate sales industry. With the growth of the internet we saw a blending of cutting edge technology and the public relations / advertising industry. The work of OJA and MMCC began overlapping to the point that in January 2000, the two firms merged into one larger firm.

Historically MMCC came from a traditional data processing background working with COBOL business systems on mainframe and mid-range computers. As the computer industry evolved, MMCC did the same. Today the firm specialize in PC's, networks and internet applications.

The principals of the company have been professional software developers since the late 60's. We've worked with most of the old iron and even remember plug boards. We've done COBOL, FORTRAN, RPG, BASIC, ASSEMBLERs, "C", DATABUS, PL/B, and quite a few that nobody even remembers.

Today much of the firm's desktop software is developed in the ANSI standard PL/B language. We use "Visual PL/B" for Windows (most flavors including NT and 2000). Visual PL/B also provides as full ".NET" implementation and most recently has incorporated comprehensive Internet support.

For internet work we employ such tools as Cold Fusion, ASP, SQL, various Microsoft products, and of course JAVA and JavaScript. The firm provides web sites, enterprise level web applications, and a varitety of blended web and desktop applications.

For several years MMCC worked as an IBM Authorized Agent in the AS/400 market. Our major focus was providing automated software conversion tools to help clients migrate applications, at the source code level, from non-IBM hardware to the AS/400.

At the end of the century, our software conversion expertise became important as we helped clients address YEAR 2000 software issues. Our background and experience helped defuse many of baseless fears and warnings. We were pleased to be proved correct in our early assertion that Y2K required some work but was NOT a disaster.

MMCC has the benefit of being a small company which can react quickly to keep up with the dynamic computer industry. As the internet has grown in importance the firm has rapidly embraced the technology and now spends a large percentage of its time developing web sites and interactive web applications.

MMCC's Systems Analysis and Evaluation services bring almost 40 years of experience to bear on client needs. Having started in the late 60's, we've seen it all and tried most of it. That level of experience allows us to guide clients to solutions which work.
  • We know what's hype and what's not.
  • We know what works and what doesn't.
  • We know how to get you from "here" to "there" with the least pain and suffering.

MMCC does not sell computers. We take an unbiased view of the market to point clients in the most practical and cost effective direction. In our view we become part of the client organization and our job is to look for the best solution for the client. By staying out of the computer sales arena we're free to find the solution that in our client's interest, not the one that is most profitable for us.

We encourage clients to call us BEFORE they take the leap. Whether you're buying a computer for the first time or upgrading an existing system, MMCC can make your decision an educated and enlightened one at a minimal cost.

Send e-mail to MMCC.

Write to MMCC Technical Support at:
MMCC, Inc.
600 W. Midland
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 686-8860
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